Mental Health Through Analytics

Behavioral Health Outcome Management | objectively track treatment progress through assessment of symptoms, both observed and self-reported.

Our vision

Crowdsourced Analytics

Incorporate success metrics from crowdsourced data into the care and treatment of patients. Crowdsourcing can aggregate medication effectiveness from millions of patients, giving Clinicians unbiased recommendations regarding medication options.

Global benefits

Symptom Monitoring

The Faro10 BHOM is completely unique in its approach of not only recording real-time health from the patient perspective, but also combining real-time OBSERVER reporting into the health assessment; improving completeness and increasing effectiveness.

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Evidence-based Care

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Outcome reporting available to meet health-plan requirements based on real-time Patient and Observer feedback

  • Monitor & compare patient symptoms, treatments and outcomes across multiple segmentation dimensions including, age, race, gender and more
  • Enhanced precision in assessment, tracking, and treatment to achieve optimal outcomes
  • Measurement of symptom severity, adherence to treatment, monitoring of symptoms and adverse events
  • Outcome and impact monitoring across interpersonal, social, and behavioral measurement scales
  • Dynamically aggregates Patient, Observer and Clinician feedback for holistic view of patient

Measurement-based Care

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Behavioral health quality measures play a critical role in indicating the well-being of patients and the success of treatment

  • Specific data elements to track Patient wellness and the success of treatment
  • Key Health Metrics to quickly summarize Patient progress
  • Clinic quality metrics which track patient segmentation and outcomes
  • Patient scorecard measuring symptom changes
  • Medication success rate for Patients by each diagnosis

Find Clinicians' Using Faro10

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    11239 Maplecroft Court, Raleigh, , 27617
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    11239 Maplecroft Court, Raleigh, NC, 27617
  • Frauke C. Schaefer, MD
    1709 Legion Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Practices implementing Faro10's Evidence-based approach to treatment.