We are on a mission to make Peer Support Simple, Comfortable and Familiar

We are a growing veteran-owned company in North Carolina

Our company was founded in 2014 when our founder had a close family member hospitalized for mental health reasons. It was during this experience that he realized how challenging our behavioral health system can be. Navigating clinicians, specialists, insurance, medications, and appointments is confusing and costly. While we know we can't fix everything, if we can make even a small improvement, then we've done something to be proud of.

We want to be part of something that matters

Behavioral Health impacts millions of people. We believe in what we're doing and know we can make a difference. Our Peer Support technology and Behavioral Health Management software is simple to use, freely available, and improves how support is delivered and measured.

Peer Support is a proven but underutilized wellness approach

Research shows significant benefits:

  • Improves quality of life, including reduction of social isolation and anxiety/stress
  • Decreases hospitalization admissions, inpatient days, and overall cost
  • Improves engagement experience and satisfaction with services and support
  • Applicable for behavioral health, addiction, and physical health/chronic disease treatment and recovery programs

Remove barriers to Peer Support

  • The first virtual, on-demand, and dedicated peer-to-peer support app
  • Enables existing peer support groups to expand access to those that are not able to attend sessions at a fixed location (replaces or complements in-location sessions)
  • A safe, no-barrier opportunity for people to receive help regardless of their geographical or financial situation
  • Measures outcomes, attendee experience, and service quality