About Us

The idea for Faro10 occurred to me a few years ago when my wife, Tracy, and I met with our daughter’s therapist to evaluate her progress. Our daughter suffered from severe depression, suicidal thoughts and sudden fits of anger. She had visited several therapists and tried different medications, and we were still left with uncertainty in her diagnosis. At this particular appointment, the therapist asked our daughter how she had felt over the past few weeks and if she thought the medication helped.

... There was nothing tangible to review.

Not surprisingly, our teenage daughter responded with a simple shrug and "I dunno." There was nothing tangible to review, but the entire appointment rested on our ability to remember how she "felt" over the past several weeks. The therapist recommended increasing the dosage of medication due to the lack of improvement. The therapist explained that medications react differently from person-to-person, and there was little understanding about how to predict which medication would work best. The therapist also emphasized the serious side-effects of the medication. From that place of frustration and concern, the Faro10 concept was born.

What we ARE, and what we are NOT

An outcome monitoring and analytics platform.
NOT a medical health record.

Measurement-based treatment reporting.
NOT a practice management software.

Faro10 provides greater insight into the health and well-being of members through data

Josh & Tracy

Tracy and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for 20 years with two beautiful daughters. This is a very personal cause for us, as we have been directly impacted by two close family members struggling with mental illness. Not only with our daughter, but also Tracy's brother who is bipolar and schizophrenic; the several years of struggle he endured before his doctors found the right medication and dosage was incredibly hard on the entire family. It is a helpless feeling for family members to stand by and watch someone you care for fall apart. As I thought about what I could do to help, I began to realize how many others are affected by this same issue.

--Josh Roberto, founder of Faro10