The most trusted Peer Support app

We believe that seeking help should be simple, comfortable, and familiar. Hey Peers is our way of making that belief a reality.

Features & Benefits

Group and 1-on-1 Conversations

iPhone and Web platform dedicated to enabling on-demand or prescheduled video, audio or chat support groups

Share What's Comfortable

Participate anonymously or with full visibility to ensure everyone can share in a way that is best for them

The Right Support, Anytime

Easy support for behavioral health, chronic illness and rare disease sufferers and their caregivers. Connect people in rural or urban locations. Conveniently connect from the comfort of your home.

Extend Peer Support Access

Hey Peers provides flexible peer support access for those that have difficulty attending site-based support sessions

Chat Safely

Instantly chat with friends and new connections on our secure platform. We never share your data.

Measured Results

Track Wellness Indicators

Built-in tools to track mood vitals like anxiety, energy and concentration with touch-sensitive sliding scales to analyze wellness changes.

Host Rating

Your feedback helps to improve the quality of conversations available. We reward Hosts based on attendee rating, attendence, and number of conversations hosted.