Account Types


  • Digitally track health and wellness
  • Mobile app for easy tracking
  • Measure success of treatment using analytics
  • Observer entries for use in treatment
  • Prescription tracking and reminders
  • Manage observer and clinician access
  • Message Center for quick messages from clinicians
  • Goal Center
  • Find clinicians using Faro10
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  • Patient list with quick status of health in real-time
  • Real-time charts and graphs of patient wellness
  • Real-time status of patient symptoms and adverse events
  • Observer journals and notes for each patient
  • Track patient prescriptions and medication success
  • Digitally share patient notes with other clinicians
  • One-way message center for quick messages to patients
  • Digitally signed consent and release forms
  • Evidence-based clinic success metrics
  • Register as Clinician!