Solutions for Providers

Outcome monitoring & measuring and patient engagement


Increase office efficiency

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Defense against malpractice


Reduce Time spent with documentation

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Administer computer-based assessments and exercises

Our vision

Automate communication during collaborative treatment

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Automatically record patients adherence to treatment

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Outcome reporting available to meet health-plan requirements based on real-time patient and observer feedback

  • Enhanced precision in assessment, tracking, and treatment to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Measurement of symptom severity, adherence to treatment, monitoring of symptoms and adverse events.
  • Real-time observer feedback of patient mood, symptoms and behavior for use in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dynamically aggregates patient, observer and clinician feedback for holistic view of patient.
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO USE: Simply log in to see how patients are doing. The Faro10 platform does not replace an existing system or process. It's designed to provide new, richer information that can improve treatment.


To learn more about introducing measurement-based treatment using Faro10, Contact us for a demo, and we'll walk you through all of the great features.